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COVID-19 Temporary Patio Registration Form

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General Health and Safety Guidelines

The following are a sampling of regulations that should be considered with your opening plans.

  • Occupancy load of the patio must not exceed 1.11 sq. m. (12.0 sq. ft.) per person.
  • Patios with 60 persons or less shall be provided with one or more means of egress (minimum of one – 3'- 0" (900mm) opening or swing gate).
  • Patios with greater than 60 persons, shall provide at least two remote means of egress (minimum of 3'-0" (900mm) openings or swing gates that open out from the patio).
  • No open-air fires (bonfires, no solid fuel permitted) allowed within the patio.
  • No dancing or singing is permitted in the outdoor dining area
  • Temporary patios shall only be permitted for existing restaurants, bars and other food and drink establishments.
  • Existing and temporary patios must adhere to all provincial and local public health guidelines related to COVID-19, tables and chairs shall be arranged so that a minimum distance of 2m (6ft) is maintained between groups or patrons.
  • Temporary patios permitted under this guideline shall extend no later than January 1, 2023; however, the Municipality may terminate these permissions upon 24 hours’ notice.
  • The business owner is responsible for obtaining all relevant permissions, including but not limited to the AGCO and their landlord.
  • Required on-site parking may be used for a temporary patio. The required number of designated Accessible Parking Spaces must remain available for parking use and designated fire routes must be avoided. Temporary patios shall not be placed in a sight triangle, such as would restrict visibility at an intersection. Unless the Municipality’s express permission is given, if there is any reduction in available parking spaces it shall not exceed what is in proportion to the reduction in the restaurant’s seating capacity.
  • Accessibility must be maintained to, and throughout, the temporary patio.
  • Temporary patios must not extend in front of adjacent tenant spaces, exits, or beyond business frontage without written permission from affected adjacent property owners and tenants; this includes any overhanging elements.
  • Umbrellas must stand at least 2.1m (7ft) above the walking surface.
  • Patio must be open air - No tents/structures/canopies.
  • Platforms, decks, stages and portable toilets are not permitted. Optional temporary patio perimeter fencing, planters, or barriers approximately 1.2m (4ft) high are permitted, provided they are secured without endangering any underground utilities.
  • A solid barrier approximately 1.2m (4ft) high shall be installed where a patio is adjacent to any vehicle movement areas.
  • A minimum 1.5m (5ft) clearance from fire department connections and hydrants must be maintained on a temporary patio.
  • A fire extinguisher (minimum 2A-10BC) must be available within 15.2 m (50ft) of any part of the temporary patio.

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Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif


I hereby declare that the construction of the patio at the above noted location will comply with the general safety requirements outlined on this registration form and the Provincial Regulations for social distancing. 

I acknowledge the patio is temporary in nature and may be terminated by the municipality with 48 hours' notice (unless operational safety concerns are identified in which case no notice is required). This registration form does not imply authorization of a permanent patio or imply approval for matters under Provincial jurisdiction. Currently, there are no applicable municipal fees or charges for temporary patio.

I have read and agree to the declaration, safety guidelines and additional requirements.

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