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Transient Mooring Licence - Grand Bend Marina

Please complete the form to request a transient mooring licence at the Grand Bend Marina. Forms submitted between October and May will be added to a list that will be reviewed by the Harbour Master when they return in May. The Harbour Master will contact you to confirm your reservation. 

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Check out time is 11:00 daily.
  2. All guests must follow to CLEAN MARINA POLICY as posted.
  3. Marina shall have a lien against the boat of the owner, her appurtenances and contents for unpaid sums due for use of any dock facilities or other services or for damage caused or contributed to by above-described boat or by owner to any docks or property of marina or any person at the marina.
  4. This agreement is for the services provided and such space and services and marina equipment is to be used at the sole risk of the owner. The marina, its council, executor, managers, employees and agents shall not be liable for the care or protection of the boat, its owner, crew and any other persons associated with the boat as well as their personal property or for any loss or damage of whatever nature to the boat, her contents, gear, equipment, whether due to the sole negligence of marina or otherwise. Owner indemnifies and holds marina harmless against any loss, cost, suit or claim arising out of the use of the above-mentioned space, services or marina equipment or any handling of the boat in connection therewith, whether or not such loss, cost, suit or claim is based upon the sole negligence of marina or otherwise.
  5. In the event of any emergency or when deemed necessary by the marina for any other circumstances, the owner shall be pre-pared to move his boat in accordance with marina instructions. Unattended boats will be moved at the owner’s expense and risk.
  6. This agreement shall be in effect, unless terminated, in accordance with the following conditions:
      a) by destruction of the mooring facilities by fire, storm or other calamity.
      b) in the event owner shall make a bona fide sale of the boat listed in agreement.
  7. Owner agrees to comply with all posted rules and regulations as fully as though they were set forth herein and should breach of this agreement or violation of posted rules and regulations occur, in the sole opinion of the marina, this agreement shall terminate immediately and the marina may remove the boat from her mooring or storage space at the owner’s risk and expense and retake possession of said space or spaces.
  8. Waiver of any conditions by marina shall not be deemed to be a continuing waiver and the conditions of this licence and/with the right the right to adjust fees with an extension of this licence shall be at the discretion of the marina until the property is re-moved from the site or a new form of licence is established. Any outstanding accounts shall be levied a monthly carrying charge.
  9. Charcoal fires or gas barbeques will not be permitted within the confines of the marina area except in areas designated for such use.
  10. In accordance with the Smoke Free Ontario Act 2018, members of the visiting public are prohibited from smoking/vaping on marina premises. We ask consideration of our boaters to refrain from smoking /vaping on marina property.

By clicking the submit button you agree that you have read and accept the conditions above should your reservation be approved. 

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